Atari VCS Floppy Rescue

Another 4k cartridge from VMW Productions...


Here's a capture on actual hardware:

System Requirements


Disk Images


Development Notes

18 September 2022-- Release v1.1

Flipping reset will take you back to the title screen. Useful if you want to Atari 2600 rick-roll multiple people in a row without having to power-cycle the console.

26 August 2022-- Release v1.0

Somehow this got in my head, so I spent a few days on it.

Music was made by hand using TIAtracker. Sorry for the off notes, it's a limitation of the platform and I'm not skilled enough at music to try to transpose around things.

Getting everything to fit in 4k was a challenge. I had planned a fake gameplay screen too but didn't have enough room.

When recording on real hardware it was super glitched until I figured out I was accidentally setting VSYNC when I meant to set VBLANK. Stella didn't complain at all but the capture boards really didn't like it.

As always I blame Foone for this.
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