Apple II Duke Nukem Proof of Concept

This isn't a full demake/game, just a proof of concept.


I threw this together in response to a comment made by Foone.

It's a tile-based platformer for the Apple II, loosely based on Duke Nukem 1 by Apogee Software.


Capture of v0.2 on actual hardware (Apple IIe Platinum):

You can watch an emulator capture here: video


For comparison, here's a screenshot from the original game (DOS/EGA):

A few screenshots from the "bonus" level:

System Requirements


Disk Image


Playing in a Browser

If you don't want to use an emulator / don't have an Apple II at home, you can in theory play in a browser at the internet archive here: Duke Nukem Apple II

Frequently Asked Questions

Development Notes

17 December 2020 -- Release v0.03

Added an interesting Level #2, it's fun having a tile-based engine for Apple II. Also added some appropriate Mockingboard music.

Was fine tuning the controls but possibly made things worse.

16 December 2020 -- Release v0.02

First full release, can more or less "beat" the sample level. Enemies don't move and controls are still a pain.

14 December 2020

Unwisely fleshing this out to a playable demo. Tilemap loaded from PNG. Can more or less walk around and shoot, still no enemies yet. As always awful Apple II keyboard makes the controls a bit awkward.

14 November 2020 -- Release v0.01

Threw a screenshot together in like half an hour as I was curious what it would look like. This was in response to an off-hand post by Foone, something about Duke Nukem being angry about being forced into CGA mode.
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