DOS "Wait for It" 256B Demo

A 256 Byte DOS Rickroll

Presented at Revision 2021 Demoparty (won 4th place newskool 256B intro)

By -=DEsIRE=-: code by deater, hellmood

Should run in Dosbox, best if you have MIDI configured

I mostly blame Foone for this.



Sourcecode and Disk Image

You can get the official entry zip here: (98k), 4 April 2021

You can get the sourcecode here in the demos/waitforit directory of my dos_programs github repository:
git clone
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Code Notes

This was sort of a port of a similar Lovebyte Apple II entry, though that Apple II version was actually a port of a QBASIC Twitter bot version I made for Foone.

I dusted off my old DOS mode 13h programming skills and put something together with MIDI music and sierpinski teaser that barely fit in 256B. Hellmood then ran with it and optimized it to death and put the dragon fractal background in.

It's funny, I didn't list any authors when submitting, but the demo hosts correctly guessed who was behind this. Have to be careful or I'm going to end up typecast.
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