ll: Linux_Logo in assembly language

latest version is 0.47

27 Architectures, Smallest Linux executable is 905 bytes! (on crisv32)



This is a port of my linux_logo program to use raw assembly language. By using assembly and syscalls, you can have extremely fast and small binaries that don't use libc at all!

So far I have 6502, 8086, alpha, arm, arm_thumb, arm_thumb2, arm64, avr32, crisv32, ia64, m68k, m88k, microblaze, mips, parisc, pdp-11, ppc, RiSC, s390, sh3, sparc, vax, x86, x86_64, x86_x32, and z80 versions. Partial support for 8051, mips16, 65c816.

If you have an unsupported architecture and will be willing to give me a shell account on your machine, let me know. It would be great if every Linux-supported architecture had its own assembly version of linux_logo.




Linux assembly source files for your viewing pleasure: Non-linux but *NIX versions: 8 and 16-bit versions:
Here is a comparison of the size of the binaries after having sstrip run on them.

Total size:
8086 780 bytes
pdp-11 890 bytes
z80 891 bytes
crisv32 905 bytes
arm_thumb2 908 bytes
avr32 914 bytes
1802 915 bytes
arm_thumb 924 bytes
vax 950 bytes
x86 969 bytes
m68k 982 bytes
sh3 994 bytes
x86_x32 1006 bytes
x86_64 1030 bytes
s390 1064 bytes
arm64 1094 bytes
6502 1130 bytes
PowerPC 1165 bytes
arm eabi 1165 bytes
SPARC 1221 bytes
m88k 1240 bytes
MIPS 1276 bytes
microblaze1298 bytes
PA-RISC 1400 bytes
RiSC 1418 bytes
alpha 1821 bytes
itanium 2826 bytes

LZSS size:
8086 58 bytes
x86 63 bytes
crisv32 66 bytes
x86_x32 66 bytes
x86_64 66 bytes
vax 69 bytes
arm_thumb2 70 bytes
arm_thumb 74 bytes
sh3 76 bytes
1802 80 bytes
avr32 80 bytes
m68k 88 bytes
arm64 96 bytes
z80 96 bytes
pdp-11 108 bytes
PowerPC 108 bytes
arm eabi 108 bytes
s390 122 bytes
m88k 128 bytes
SPARC 128 bytes
6502 134 bytes
microblaze 136 bytes
MIPS 152 bytes
PA-RISC 152 bytes
alpha 224 bytes
itanium 272 bytes
RiSC 316 bytes
For a bit of commentary on why the sizes end up the way they do, see the README
You might ask if all the above works? Yes. Written and tested on: Non-Linux versions:

Yet to come:

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