On 11 February 2003 I checked in a major re-write of the soundvision code. It should better support newer cameras (the ones with 0x0919:0x0100 usb-id's) and not have much impact on the older cameras. So if you have a supported camera, please try things out and let me know if things break. Also people with non-0x919 and non-Agfa camears you might want to try forcing it into 0x919:0x100 mode to see if that instruction set suits your camera a bit better (See below on info on forcing gphoto to use a different usb-id).

The changes were made _after_ gphoto2 2.1.1 but before 2.1.2. So if you are running 2.1.2 after it is released no need to track down CVS. If you want to test out before 2.1.2 is released you'll have to follow the gphoto instructions on getting the newest CVS version.


I have reverse-engineered a gphoto2 driver for cameras using the SoundVision Inc. Clarity 2.0 Chip.

The Agfa CL18-type cameras are an early design known as "1307". They tend to be simple 640x480 USB designs. The not-supported-as-well Fast-Flicks type cameras are a newer "V1 Low-Cost Dual Mode VGA Digital Camera" design, and support higher resolutions and .MOV movie support.

Lots of companies use this design, which is why such a variety of cameras are supported by the driver. Sadly, Sound Vision Inc. has refused to release any documentation to me, so the driver is nowhere near as good as it could be.

In theory, this driver works with any camera that supports the Soundvision protocol.

Best Supported (aka I have the camera):

Reported to Mostly Work:

Other cameras that might work if you follow the below directions:

Forcing USB id's

To test if the above (or any camera) work with the soundvision driver, do the following.

Find the USB-vendor id and product id pair in your /proc/bus/usb/devices file. The line will look something like this (note the line begins with a P:)

P:  Vendor=0784 ProdID=0100 Rev= 1.00
The line will be surrounded by lots of other info. Also, there will be possibly many USB devices present, so to narrow down which one is the camera you may want to compare the file before and after connecting the camera and see what gets added.

To test to see if the driver works, use a command line similar to this:

gphoto2 --usbid 0x0784:0x0100=0x06bd:0x0403  -P
where you replace the numbers "0784" and "0100" from the "0x0784:0x0100" part with the values taken from /proc/bus/usb/devices previously. If this works and you get picture download, send me (vince _at_ the proper values along with the name of your camera (and maybe /proc/bus/usb/devices just to be safe) and I'll merge support for your camera into the libgphoto2 tree.
Cameras not supported:

Using newest gphoto2 with a soundvision camera