The Robin

     Once upon a morning dreary,
     As I pondered, tired, weary,
     Over many Antiquated books of English homework,
     All at once I heard a tapping,
     As if someone slowly rapping,
     Rapping, Tapping, Clapping, on my sliding glass door.
     "'Tis a burglar," said I,"And nothing more,
     "Who is jimmying open my sliding glass door-

                           This it is and nothing more."

     All at once I heard a shudder,
     And I said with a silent mutter,
     "Darn this crime! The Policeman strike!"
     "A burglar's trying to steal my bike!"
     So I quickly grabbed my baseball bat,
     Running to knock that crook's head flat.
     I quickly ran, to that door,
     But no burglar was on the floor.
     I quickly realized that my poor-

                           Ears could be trusted... nevermore.

     Very soon the noise came back,
     And I was ready for a quick attack,
     But I saw there was, or rather, a lack,
     Of burglars for which to hack.
     A robin, dressed all in black,
     With a breast of red, and no more,
     Was standing at the door.

                            Quoth the Robin..."Omnivore"


     "Why?" asked I, "Quoth you that?"
     "Aren't you out of your habitat?"
     And the robin with a flirt and flutter,
     Very silently began to stutter,
     And with a very low voice began to mutter,

                            "Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore, Nevermore!"

     I began to think it wack-o,
     And tried to shoo it in a sack-o,
     And if it gave me any flack-o,
     I would it start to cut and hack-o,
     While pelting it with dried tobacco,
     With thoughts of this delightful chore,

                            Quoth the Robin "Omnivore!"

     This was no more any fun,
     I wanted this robin on the run,
     As I raised my ma-chine gun,
     The robin landed on the floor,
     Saying, "Please sir, your forgiveness I implore,

                                But I was wondering...Omnivore?"

     Quickly, then, I pulled the trigger,
     And the gun left forth a bigger
     Explosion than I had ever heard before.
     I do not know if I hit that robin,
     I think from fear its heart stopped throbbin'
     But I will not start a sobbin'
     'Cause for supper I had roasted robin
     And be it answered evermore-

                                 "Yes, I am a Carnivore!"

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