Gone to Spain

I woke up groaning,
It was snowing,
But it caused me no pain.

The snow is deep
But I don't weep.
For my girlfriend's gone to Spain.

The phones are out
But I don't pout
Despite the pounding rain

I walk to and fro
In the blinding snow
Because my girlfriend's gone to Spain.

I get a drink
I fall in the sink
And start spinning down the drain.

It is dank
In the septic tank
And my girlfriend's gone to Spain.

I hate to whine
But I draw the line
At hijacking the plane.

I contemplate
And meditate.
You see, my girlfriend's gone to Spain.

I cannot talk
I cannot walk
To me it is perfectly plain

My delusion
Adds confusion
My poor girlfriend in spain.

I miss her
And I am sure
That I should not complain

But I do
And if she knew
She'd kill me; that girl in Spain

But yet again
I take a pen
I know I'm not insane

I write a poem
Yes I will show 'em
For that girl of mine is Spain

And yet I wait
And exagerate
I should be hit by a train.

I'm glad she's free
Without me
That lucky girl in Spain.

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