"In Pennsylvania" or "How Not To Build A Teleporter"

by Vince Weaver

There's a girl that I know,
Who I wish I could see,
But to see her I am not able.

She is a wonderful girl,
Who is more important to me
Than any fiction or fable.

There is only one flaw,
That can be found about her,
Which lies in her location.

Her distance is far
And so must I refer
To a book on teleportation.

"Easy to build"
Is what the book reads
But its completetion I'm not even nearing.

The complex schematics
Give me no leads
Although I'm majoring in Engineering.

Test number one
Explodes into flames.
Test number two is distinguished.

For it combusts a bright red
While I am calling it names
In an effort of it to extinguish.

So I will abandon the dream
Of creating a machine.
To transport me out of this place.

I will just wait
And allow for fate
To prepare for me a Homecoming.

In three weeks or so
I'll be happy, I know
And will be rid of this confusing mania.

I will be free
With my Marie
In the southern extent of Pennsylvania.

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