While exploring an island in the far north I came across a ruined fortress. Half buried inside was a laptop, next to which I found some old parchment with the following writing:
A Prophesy

In the North where snow lies deep,
Biding its time in Himling's keep,
Processing cycles with PowerPC,
Coded in ancient mode, G3.

All that slumbers is not dead,
All that hungers in not fed.
The darkened eye will yet see,
Running Kernels from Linus T.

In the West by Pacific shore,
The Enemy crafts insidious lore,
Causing good to fret and sigh,
In Redmond where the shadows lie.

The final battle will be fought
Not with swords but with thought.
Avarice and lawyers, while redoubtable
Will not be found insurmountable.

Designed by the Engineers of the West,
Forged by skilled laborers in the East.
Made from desert sand made pure
And ore wrested from deepest mine.
Computer of destiny, Compiler of C,
Lap-top of the North, the Book of i,


I took said laptop home, installed Linux on it, and use it to do my ECE homework.