Don't Worry About the Plants

By Vincent Weaver

I do not know from whence they came,
But they came with great determination.
They were bent on this world's conquest,
And humanity's extermination.

One day, in the school library,
I saw a weird plant on top of a shelf.
Regular to the untrained eye,
I noticed inconsistencies myself.

Alien plants invading fast,
For millennia they had been coming.
I must stop them and save the Earth.
If only I had a source of funding.

Lagging behind, I saw the Earth,
Severely under staffed and over-manned.
No good plan could I implement,
Without the help of a million Grand.

I began to fret; the Earth is doomed,
No move I made would have any effect.
I soon then received a message
From a source that one would never expect.

From the insects; it was concise.
Thankful and not a bit condescending.
"Thanks, but we do not need your help
 In this miniscule planet's defending."

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