The Journey Home

My flight from Oakland to Atlanta to BWI was in jeopardy, as they were calling for a huge snowstorm to hit the east coast. And the storm did, causing places to get lots of snow (Kristina's family on the Cape got nearly 3 feet of it!). But, as is often the case in MD, the snow stopped long before predicted after only about 6", and Kristina was able to get me with no problem. I-95 was the most deserted I had ever seen it.
Here's a picture of the "disappointing" Maryland snow (though Harford County Public Schools still got a day off):
Snow in Abingdon MD

My 5.5 hour drive back to Ithaca should have been uneventful, as they were only calling for "scattered flurries" along the route. But starting at the I-81/78 split it was snowing the whole way back. It was dry snow and blowing about, so the roads were mostly clear; it was primarily a visibility issue. Especially since the wiper-fluid-squirters on my car were frozen up so it was a bit hard to see with the salt. It also didn't help that I-81 in PA is just one giant pothole.

I did get to Ithaca OK, and thankfully though the snow was actually accumulating there, the hills were dry enough for me to get back to my apartment. They got significantly more snow than MD from the Saturday storm. And according to my indoor/outdoor thermometer it got down to -10°F while I was gone! Here's a gratuitious picture of my car and apartment complex:
Snow in Ithaca

For those who follow such things, the drift that blocks my windows has finally returned! So I am back to a place that feels like winter just in time to start classes again.

And though my winter adventures were exciting, I bet my brother's were better as he got to spend the winter studying abroad in Italy.
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