Vince's Trans-continental Trip

24 May 2005 - Tuesday

We woke up and headed to Livermore, stopping for groceries along the way. My roommate wasn't there yet (he got in too late the night before to move in) so I wasn't able to move in quite yet.

Kristina's flight left at 1pm, so I drove her to the Oakland Airport. It was sad to see her go!

I drove back, only to find the Apartment Office closed due to lunch. So Susie and I waited under a tree until they got back. And thus ended the long, exciting trip.

Here's a picture of my complex, for those who always fear that I am living in a run-down locality:
The Arbors

From our deck you can see the hills, studded with windmills. That is actually the Altamont Pass, with the highest concentration of windmills in the US. The hills are brown and dry this time of year. I tried mightily but could not get a good picture of this, here's my attempt:
Windmill Hill

Things have been going well so far out here. I am still not used to the complete lack of rain, and the endless cloudless skies. When I was here in January it was the rainy season and things were much more lush and green.

This concludes my write-up, I hope you enjoyed it.

Arrived at Final Destination: Livermore, California

Total Distance Traveled: 4298 Miles (6876 Kilometers)

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