København Part 2

We arranged to meet up with a college friend of mine, Phil, who now lives permanently in København. This ended up being complex; we had to get change so we could use a pay-phone, then the pay-phone gave out while we were getting directions on where to meet, and when we couldn't find him we had to borrow someone's cell phone to call him back. In the end it all worked out.

We got to see a lot of local life while being lost. Many people there ride bicycles. A lot of people are pushing baby-carriages, including unlikely people like men in fancy business suits. The one thing that I found odd was how much graffiti was everywhere.

Phil took us to the Danish Design Center, which, as luck would have it, is free on Wednesdays after 5pm which is when we were there.

We walked passed the city museum, which had a scale model of the medieval city:
town model

Nearby was an underwater sculpture, lit up at night. Of course you'll have to take my word for it as the picture didn't really turn out:
underwater sculpture

Here is the Danish Opera House, lit up at night:
Danish Opera House

We ate at a nice Spanish restaurant, with many courses. By this point it was late, and Phil was nice enough to use his bus pass to speed our way to his place. He was also nice enough to let us stay at his apartment, a kind gesture in a place with such a high cost of living.

Here is the pleasant view from his apartment:
Phil's Apartment

We had some wonderful breads for breakfast, and then split ways. It was a shame we couldn't visit for longer. We had a pleasant walk back to the downtown area.

We passed one of the lakes that rings the inner part of the city, this is the Sortedams Sø:
Sortedams Soe

We wanted to see Rosenborg Slot, but we were a bit early. In the park outside there's a weird fake-tree on wheels:
Wheely Tree

This is Rosenborg Slot, the palace that houses the crown jewels and some other exhibits. We were some of the first tourists there, so the guards followed us around. There were armed modern military guards guarding the jewels. Along with the jewels, were a lot of other treasures, from Denmark's brief time as an empire. There were a lot of elaborate things made out of ivory.

Rosenborg Slot

We walked some more around the city. At St Paul's church apparently no Scotty Dogs are allowed:
No Scotty Dogs

We went up the Round Tower which was one of my favorite things. At the top is an observatory (though it postdates Tycho Brahe by a few years).
Round Tower

There are no steps to the top, it is a continuous spiral ramp inside:
Vince in Round Tower

From the top you get a good view of the city:
View from Top

Nearby were some statues of famous Danish people, including Niels Bohr the physicist:
Niels Bohr

We then walked across the harbor to a part of the city we hadn't been to before. Again you get the pretty buildings along the water:
pretty harbor

We were going to see the Church of Our Savior which has a cool spiral tower. You can go to the top of it, but like many things, in January it is closed for renovations:
Spiral Tower

We were briefly in a park like area, so I took out my GPS. In general it doesn't work in cities due to buildings blocking the reception, which is why you don't get detailed maps of our walks. It worked for a bit though:
copenhagen walk

After this, we spent most of the rest of our time at the National Museum of Denmark. It had an impressive collection of Egyptian and Bronze age artifacts. They had many exhibits on Danish history and culture, but sadly the Viking part of the collection was under construction. We did get to see the runestones though:

By now it was time to head back to Göteborg. Here is one last night view of København. It's hard to see, but the one side of the building is lit up as a giant thermometer, showing the temperature.
Kobenhavn at night

We caught the train back to Göteborg, which was uneventful. It was snowing for part of the way back, but raining once we got in. It was late, so we crashed at my advisor's room for a few hours. Then we were up by 4am and caught a taxi to the airport (where there was snow) and our flight left at 7am.

The flight was on time, though cloudy. In Paris we eventually found the right terminal to be in for our next flight (and cleared security again). The flight back to the US wasn't as nice as the flight over, and it took longer due to a headwind.

Once we got to the US (and cleared customs and security again), it turned out there were ice-storms, which had completely closed the Syracuse airport. Trapped in NYC! We were in no shape to rent a car or get a bus, so we navigated the annoying air-train and stayed at the Super 8 near the airport in Jamaica.

Here's a view from our hotel:
Back in the US

The next day we caught the airport shuttle back to the airport (with a friendly driver), managed to get boarding passes for our re-scheduled flight, and eventually even managed to get seats on the flight. Back to Syracuse, eventually found our car, and made it home. Hooray!

No rest for us though. I had to catch up on a week of missed TA duties, and then on Tuesday had a wisdom tooth out. That's a story for another time though. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Scandinavia, and would recommend it to anyone considering traveling there.
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