Göteborg, Continued

Now it was time for me to actually attend the conference. So after a night of little sleep (due to jet-lag) we woke and enjoyed the elaborate breakfast at the hotel. We were far enough north that the sun didn't really come up until at least 8:30, so combined with the cloudy weather it was often pretty dark even after I took the tram to the conference.

Here is the tram, with our hotel in the background. The big "Scandic" glowing on the horizon made it easy to find your bearings, but at the same time you had to be careful because it's a chain so there were multiple Scandic Hotels in the city.
Our Hotel

The hotel had a hot tub and sauna (and yes, we were boring and didn't use either). Here's a picture of what it looks like:
hotel sauna

The tram I took went through a long tunnel, seen here at the far end:
Tram Tunnel

And here was the venue itself, at Chalmers University:
HiPEAC location

Here are some of the things Kristina saw while I was busy at the conference. This is the local Botanical Gardens:
Goeteborg Botanical Gardens

Here is the Art Museum which has a fountain in front with a giant naked man holding some fish (I'm told he's supposed to be Poseidon):
Goteborg Art Museum

Here is a neat looking water tower:
Goteborg Water Tower

After the first day of talks, there was an excursion to the local science museum, the Universeum: Universeum

Inside they have a tropical rain forest, a lot like the National Aquarium in Baltimore:
Universeum Rain Forest

Kristina ended up with a bird on her finger, which she had to convince someone else to take away (it bit her!):
Kristina with Bird

After the rain forest, the attendees played in the interactive exhibits for a while. Then we went up a funicular to the top of the museum, and down through all the climate zones of Sweden. At the bottom was an aquarium full of fish, which is where we ate, surrounded by the fish tanks:
eating underwater

Despite sitting with a large group of Germans and Belgians, no one drank much alcohol. (Some of them were being picky because the fancy beer on the tables was two weeks past its expiration date). Instead the drink of choice was "Zingo" which was orange soda:

After eating, there was entertainment: The Chalmers Baletten, AKA Comedy Band and Dancers (yes, it was as odd as it sounds). The party was going on into the night, but since I had to present the next day we snuck out with some Germans around midnight.

Now it was time for the last day of the conference. I was enjoying myself; the talks were good, and they fed us well (it was mainly fish dishes with unrecognizable tubers, but there were good deserts). My talk was in the afternoon, and it went well. There were a lot of questions, here I am answering some of them (picture courtesy Thomas Lundqvist):
Vince answering questions

Kristina stopped by to see my talk, but she was also doing more sightseeing. Here is the famous stuffed whale (only one of its kind in the world) at the Natural History Museum:
Stuffed Whale

The conference was over! We still had 2 more days in Europe though, due to the weird way airplane ticket prices work. So our adventures continue in Denmark...
On to København