Vince's 2005 Spring Break

For Spring Break 2005 I left snowy Ithaca to visit Kristina in rainy Maryland.

Before the rain started, Kristina and I did some exploring. We went to Elk Neck State Park in Cecil county. We went to the very end, where Turkey Point sticks out at the top of the Chesapeake Bay. There was a tiny overflowing parking lot, and a nice trail with some impressive cliffs. Also there was a light house:

Turkey Point Lighthouse
It looks much the same as the Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace.

After this, we decided that while in Cecil County we might as well visit a covered bridge:

Gilpin's Falls Covered Bridge
This is the Gilpin's Falls covered bridge. Unfortunately the bridge has seen better days despite a 1959 renovation. But nearby we heard the tantalizing sounds of a waterfall. So we went and explored.

We found Gilpin's Falls which turns out to be a "National Natural Landmark" although that just means it is on a list, not that it is any sort of park. In fact, it is privately owned. It is supposedly the best example of "Paleozoic metavolcanic pillow basalt in the Mid-Atlantic states".

Gilpin's Falls
It was extremely pretty, and the rocks were fun to walk about on. Though as always, no sight is too beautiful that mankind can't put an ugly green pipe right nearby.

Ugly Green Pipe

The rest of the week it rained. I was (in theory) busy doing schoolwork while Kristina was at work. I did get to my family's and came tantalizingly close to beating Kevin at Risk 2210. Also, Kristina gave me a German copy of the game Fluxx which led to much amusement as I tried to translate the rules as we played.
Also, much cooking was done in preparation for Easter. Here is a picture of the famous "Weaver Coconut Easter Cake" that Kevin and I made, along with Italian Easter bread that Kristina and I made. The bread actually has easter eggs baked into it.
Easter Cakes

Kristina's family came down for the holiday, and we went into Washington DC. We visited some places I had never been to before, mainly presidential monuments and/or islands.

Here is the LBJ megalith on LBJ island.

LBJ Megalith

Here is Teddy Roosevelt looking scary on Teddy Roosevelt island.

Scary Teddy Roosevelt

Here is a status of FDR at his memorial. I had not been here before; it had a huge amount of waterfalls. Also there was an imposing statue of Eleanor Roosevelt that women were standing in line to get their picture taken with.

FDR Statue

Here is Lincoln at his memorial. They have the tiniest gift shop in the world there, I had to elbow people out of the way to get to the National Parks passport stamping booth for Kristina and her sisters.

Lincoln Statue

And here is Thomas Jefferson. As unlikely as it sounds, I had never been to the Jefferson Memorial before. They have some nice quotes of his on the walls; I think more people should go there and read them.

Jefferson Statue

We went on to the World War II Memorial which was nice, although no one could figure out the scheme for the ordering of the States on the pillars. Then we went to the Old Post Office Tower and went to the top for a nice view of DC. After that we went to the Natural History Museum to look at the rocks. Unfortunately the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate. Luckily it was not a real fire, as we all probably would have died; it took forever to get out of the building and the guards had no clue how to efficiently send us to the right exit. Next we went to the new National Museum of the American Indian. Happily it did not rain all day. It was the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Festival even though the blossoms were not out yet. There was also some sort of Taiwan protest going on in front of the Capitol building. Soon it was time to stop being a tourist and to head home.

And then, all too quickly, break was over and now I am back at school.
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