The Nor'easter of 2001

So I bought a super-cheap Agfa CL18 Digital Camera and was testing it out during the "big" storm on March 5-6 2001.

Click on the snap-shots for a bigger view, but they'll take a bit to download.

It was snowy and icy Monday morning. I opted to work from home, thinking things would only get worse. Then at around 1pm it suddenly cleared up for 5 hours. I probably could have made it to work anyway. I wish weather forecasters would get their acts together.

Starting around 6pm the snow started picking up. I am impressed how well this picture came out considering I took it at night through a snow-covered sliding-glass door.

And this is what it looked like when I woke up. Officially I think we got 20", and it has been snowing lightly during the day as well.

John and I went out to clear off our cars.
And here I am at mine.

And to give a sense of how deep the snow is.

And here it is after 90 minutes of digging.