Mentos Gum Products

In addition to the traditional chewy Mentos, you can also get gum with the mentos name.
Nicky sent these from Australia:

Aqua Kiss Gum

Katrina sent me these from Australia. The packaging is really neat looking.



More disturbing was the warning on the package:

Newcharge Gum

Mentos Gum

Mentos NEWCharge Gum I found this at the local P&C grocery store on the "super clearance" rack.

New Mentos Gum

Red Fruit Mentos Gum Spearmint Mentos Gum Tropical Mentos Gum Watermelon Mentos Gum Peppermint Mentos Gum Bubbglegum Mentos Gum

New Mentos Gum: This was on sale at the local drug store, and there was a coupon in the newspaper, so it was practically free! They had various flavors, "Red Fruit and Lime", "Spearmint", "Tropical", "Watermelon", "Peppermint" and "Bubble Fresh".
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