Boxed Mentos

In addition to the traditional roll form (shown here) you can get Mentos in a box form factor.

Mentos Sours

Sours These "Mentos Sours" have unusual flavors, such as Watermelon. Kristina got these for me at the local Weis market.

Mentos Berry Sugarfre

Sugar Free Berry These are sugar-free mentos. They are darker and have a chewier consistency than regular mentos, they are almost more like Spree candies.

Mentos with Cherry

Mixed fruit With Cherry These caught my eye at the Wal-Mart in Newport Rhode Island. Sure enough, this was the standard mixed-fruit variety, but it had four cherry-flavored mentos included. It tasted just like you would expect.
Cinnamon Box Mentos

Cinnamon I bought these because I thought it was unusual to see the Cinnamon flavor in box form.
Strawberry Box Mentos

Strawberry They also have boxes of more traditional flavors. Here are some Strawberry.
Mint Box Mentos

Mint And the ever-present mint.
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