Trip to Maryland, March 2009

Most of my picture-posting has been on the baby's pages, but I should probably have some occasional updates for people uninterested in baby pictures.

We went to Maryland so I could attend the ASPLOS conference in Washington DC. I presented a poster. If you don't know what that means, it just means that I printed out a poster describing some of my research. Then I stood by that poster for 2 hours while people came around and asked questions. I didn't take a picture at the time, but here's a dramatic re-creation:

On the way down to Maryland we had the baby baptized in New Jersey, at a church where a college friend of K's is the pastor. We had lunch at the Pop Soda Shop in Collingswood NJ. I got a set of three huge pancakes, each over a foot across. Here's the remnants of one as proof:

We visited with my parents and brother. For some reason we went to the J-towne Redners and bought some exotic produce for breakfast. That's a Pomelo and a Blood Orange:

We stayed with my brother the first night of the conference, then went and stayed with John and Katy for the rest. While visiting John and Katy we went for a walk around Lake Elkhorn. Luckily we heeded the sign and avoided serious injury.

We went back to visit with my family, then returned to bother John and Katy one last time. I played a lot of Wii. Here's our happy family as Miis:

And after a week away, we are now back in sunny (believe it or not) Ithaca.
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