Peaches, dry Waterfalls, Garden

K's family was in town very briefly, so we used it as an excuse to pick blueberries again:

We decided to go see waterfalls near Watkins Glen, but unfortunately it has been a dry season. Here is a dried up Hector Falls:
Dry Hector Falls

We hiked out to Excelsior Falls, which is amazing when full. Unfortunately it was dry too:
Dry Excelsior

Some of the smaller falls did have some water:
Some Water

We stopped to look at Seneca lake. Here's my shadow with rays radiating from my head:
Seneca Lake Rays

We tried to pick peaches, but we kept getting there at the wrong time. These looked nice but were not quite ripe yet:
Unripe Peaches

We did finally get some pretty morning glories in our garden:
Blue Morning Glories Here are some purple ones:
Purple Morning Glories

As always our cantaloupe plants finally get flowers in late August, just in time to die:
Cantaloupe flowers

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