Vince Goes Canoeing

Just one week after venturing to Cape Cod I returned to Massachussets to visit with the college friends of my friend John. By this point though many of the people involved are quite a few degrees of separation removed from the original college friends and it can be interesting tracking down how each person joined the group.

We went canoeing on the Sudbury River in Concord. Conditions were similar to those when I've canoed on the Foster Branch and Gunpowder River in Maryland. If we had gone downstream we would have passed by the historic Revolutionary War battlefield. Downstream the river joins up with the Concord River, and winds through my old stomping grounds of Billerica. The Concord eventually dumps into the Merrimack at Lowell a few blocks from where I used to live.

But needless to say we went upstream, so that we would have the current with us for our return.
Sudbury River
The view for much of the trip.

Sudbury River Bridge
Going under a bridge, possibly Route 2.

Hollow Tree
A scary looking hollow tree on the conservation lands where we stopped for lunch

We later all gathered at Justin's new house and celebrated birthdays, as there seems to be a large number of people born in August.
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