Sixmile Creek and Booksales

With the weather getting nicer, Kristina and I went for a walk along Six-mile Creek. We've been here before, but I'm sure everyone has forgotten.

There are numerous waterfalls along the way, including this one right near the start:
sixmile waterfall

This stream is the source of Ithaca's water supply, so there are various dams and hundred-year-old pipes along the way:
old pipes

A better view at some of the dams:
sixmile dam

We were only going to do a short loop, but we then decided to keep going. This involves a lot of steep uphills. Despite the imposing topography, you meet all kinds of unlikely people at the end of the trail. Here is Potter's falls, which is as far as you can get on the trail without climbing a death-defying cliff:
Potter's Falls

We walked along the river on the way back, which involved a scary path literally inches from the middle reservoir. Here's another waterfall:
sixmile waterfall

We often talk about the Ithaca booksale, and after 5 years it finally occurred to me to take some pictures. Here's the warehouse it occurs in:
Ithaca Booksale

And here's a sample indoor shot. This giant shelf of books represents about 1/3 of the available computer books. You can use that to extrapolate how many other books are there.
Ithaca Booksale

That weekend Kristina's friend Jess came to visit. We took a walk on the South Hill Recreation way, which is above Six Mile Creek on the other side from where we were the previous week. It also has a few waterfalls:
South Hill Rec Way Waterfall

There are side trails leaving the path, and Kristina wanted to see if we could see Potter's falls from above. The answer is not really. Here's the limits of what you can see:
Potter's Falls from above

The rec way is an old railroad bed. Here are some trilliums growing near some old railroad masonry:

And here is some trout lily that was growing just off the trail:
Trout Lily

Here's a map of where we walked. The upper trail is from the first weekend (you can even see where the GPS ran out of batteries near the end). The bottom trail was from the second weekend.
gps sixmile
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