Year 16: Fundsraising

plus all the disasters you're accustomed to

Well we fast-forwarded through much of Year 15 and suddenly we're in the midst of Year 16.

Viremma and Robert are in sight of Jool and they're *really* happy about it.

Of course due to some poor planning they're in a really annoying almost-polar orbit. And for some reason they brought an ore scanner along. Well if we're polar we should at least try to use it. No luck. Shouldn't we at least get some science for finding out Jool has no surface?

Our contract involves a Pol landing. Due to the poor orbit we really don't have enough Delta-V. We might if we patiently waited for the orbits to line up, but we just aren't that patient. So, let's make an expensive and awkward burn to Pol's elusive SOI:

Well we did check off the Pol flyby contract, but at best we're only going to get 1/4 of this more elaborate contract. The lander didn't have enough delta-V either, and transferring the fuel from the lander to the main ship wasn't enough either.

Now Robert and Viremma are in a very strange orbit of Jool, hopefully they can hang out here without getting ejected until we can mount some sort of rescue.

On the bright side, we got enough funds to expand the R&D center! Hooray!

Meanwhile Macie, who was commanding the first, failed, Jeb rescue, is approaching Eve. I'm not sure why Eve is so much easier to hit than Kerbin.

It turned out we had a lot of extra delta-V in the main tank, we had forgotten to install fuel lines. Oops, in retrospect maybe we could have rescued Jeb. Well, too late now.

Macie is pretty hardcore, you can see her collecting and transmitting atmospheric data as her ship is breaking up around her:

We were trying to aerobrake into orbit but severely misjudged the thickness of the atmosphere, so after a time around it looks like we're landing.

Sadly she's not landing anywhere near Desktop (who you might recall is also stranded on Eve after a failed Moho mission).

One last pending long-time mission here. After over 6 years of travel our very inefficient Dres probe has finally arrived. We've now visited (or at least flown by) every object in the system.

Attempting a landing. Poor planning again, as we're having to land solely by galaxy-light:

And success! Sort of! Good enough to clear the contract and bring in a surprisingly large amount of funds! We should be set for our next set of mega-projects.

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