Year 13: First Landings

Moho! Eve!

With the kiddos in bed it was time to get back to work.

♪ Soon the man who sweeps the room / Brings the secret telegram / Commence official interplanetary exploration ♪

Thank you for the card with the cartoon nurse, but you see... wait, where was I.

We were with Odorous Kerman around Moho! What a great ship design, you can separate the lander, land, then come back, re-dock, and head home for Kerbin!

What's that Houston? Oh. So how much delta-V do we have? Oh.

Well maybe we can land the whole thing:

Well hmmm at least we still have the lander, let's separate:

And I shouldn't say how many tries it took (only two, but no time to hover, you have to suicide-burn) but we planted that flag and got our contract! And even landed upright first try! Good news Odorous, you get to be the first Kerbal on Moho and quite possibly also get to be its first permanent resident!

Meanwhile, near Eve

Desktop Kerman is bitter that the Moho landing was taken from him! So he has re-routed his ship to Eve. Bwa-ha-ha-ha.

Are you sure this is a good idea Desktop? The ship wasn't really designed for this... Valentina and the other Gilly refuges are watching on in grim fascination.

This is much more fun than actually separating beforehand, though I am not sure if it actually slows you down at all. Let's not think of all the radiation from the engines being dumped into the atmosphere here.

He's taking this more calmly than I am:

He survived! Desktop Kerman is the first Kerbal on Eve! He's even less likely to get rescued than Odorous. I must say sunrise on Eve is much more beautiful than I imagined, I hope the views are worth it.

If only his capsule had some sort of transmitter on it, we'd be raking in the science.

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