Beginning of a career game

I was busy for a while and hadn't had time to play much. When I had time again, I thought I'd update to the newest version (1.0.5) and play an actual game rather than the sandbox.

The early game wasn't really that exciting. It got better when I started trying to do some more interesting jobs, such as this 3-person space tourist run:

Things got mildy more interesting when I realized that I didn't have to transport both tourists at once. Although not all went according to plan, hence why we are landing near the north pole (not near enough to get arctic science data, alas):

I have to say tourist Meldine there is the happiest Kerbal I've ever transported:

I wasted a lot of launches trying to upgrade an orbit-capable ship so that it could get to the Mun. I had to give up and break out the rocket equation:

Here we go with an actual engineered design! Wait... Bill, why are you flying this thing?

Mun trajectorty! You'll notice all the ships and debris stranded in orbit around Kerbin. Three guesses where Jeb and Valentina currently are.

To the Mun! Great! But too close and a slingshot! Oh no!

Do we have enough delta-V to get back to Kerbin?

Yes! Hooray! Though I had to manually deploy one parachute and I'm not sure exactly how to use the compartment yet.

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