The Return to Ike

Normally we wouldn't spend so much time hanging out on Ike, but we got this large contract to build an orbiting space station there. So why not? It needed two pilots, some power, room for 6, and a docking port. Plus it had to stay in position for at least 10 seconds which I think even our skilled kerbalnaut corps could manage.

We even included a lander, maybe we could stop by and rescue stranded Bob, and who knows even stop by Duna? What's that ominous laughter we're suddenly hearing, I hope it's not the Delta-V foreshadowing police.

Let's try out some of our nice new orange tanks we have going. The solid boosters are needed as our thrust/weight wasn't enough to take off (really should do the math in advance). Things are being piloted by Corbin and Lonie with new Scientist Pabella.

Hmmmm, this seems... suboptimal.

More struts! Plus an aero-shell on the front, not sure if that is modeled at all in this version but why not.

Wow, a perfect Korolev... hexagon? Well it looks cool anyway.

And we made it to the Duna system! I left out the part where we waited in orbit for 300 days to get a better launch window. At least with room for six they had some space to spread out.

I think we're going to like Ike less and less as this continues.

Messing with the orbital parameters, and, Oh no! That ship zipping off there is Jeb, whose ship just got flung out of the system due to an unexpected Ike encounter! We thought he was in a more or less stable parking orbit. Blast, I suppose he'll want to be rescued at some point.

Ike Station Zebra has been put in place! Contract fulfilled!

Corbin wants to see if he can rescue Bob. I suppose. Maybe you want to top off on fuel first? No?

I'll save you the disaster story. Insufficient power, landing in the dark, no RCS/SAS, oh and when we built the lander we managed to put the crew compartment on upside down so all the controls were flipped. Fun, especially without a retrograde maneuver node indicator. The fact we managed to land while only losing one engine is a testament to something, maybe we should call landing on your side like that the "Corbin Maneuver".

Despite it all, Corbin managed to land within 5km. Bob is excited by the prospect of rescue.

A long EVA later and they meet up here!

Needless to say all attempts at taking off failed horribly, even when we realized we could disable one of the engines manually. Part of the problem was Bob was trying to hang onto the ladder for takeoff (no room inside!). We did manage to right the lander, and then wait patiently for future rescue.

At least maybe we can finally complete the transmit-science-from Ike contract? Yes hooray! And maybe transmit some surface sample science? Insufficient power. Well, nice try.

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