Career out past the Mun

A beautiful sunrise launch for these space tourists. They only signed on for a trip to orbit, but today is their lucky day.

Free upgrade to an orbit around the Mun:

That still didn't bring in as much science as I wanted. Though further reading seems to indicate that I should be doing things besides just EVA reports and goo reports. Also storing the goo on the outside so it blows up on re-entry is probably not optimal.

I hear rumors there's lots of science to be had around the space center. Maybe we can hop around on a lander? Nope, not going to work. Should have checked the thrust/weight ratio first.

Hmmm I guess we should finally put the airplane hangar to work.

This did work surprisingly well, except for the fact I don't have any easy way to go backwards so we kept getting stuck.

Let's try getting to Minmus. Just barely enough deltaV. Again a tourist gets a nice free upgrade.

Heading back. Learned the hard way that the two week trip will exhaust the batteries and then you can't line up for re-entry or deploy the parachutes. Need to shut down a battery to save energy for the end of the trip.

Finally we have enough science to unlock some of the 90-science techs. Still not quite enough for a lander/return, although I guess I should look into unmanned probes.
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