Finally, Jool

Finally after many years of travel our Jool probe has entered the Joolvian system.

We were going to try aerobraking but rumor has it that you can't do that anymore with 1.0.x KSP, so we adjusted our perapsis back up to 200km or so. Then we did our braking run low over the clouds to take advantage of the Oberth effect. We also encountered the weird phantom acceleration bug (feature?) when under 1000km.

We took some science too, only to realize we forgot to put batteries on our probe so that we can only transmit partial results at a slow trickle. Ugh.

Anyway, Jool orbit! Time to split the probes and aim them at their various destinations:



Laythe! (this one was tricky as we were in a Jool eclipse and had barely enough electricity to make it to perapsis for the firing)


Wow that went well, despite some really weird maneuver node issues and disappearing (but still valid) encounters. There's even still hope we can finish things up and get the original booster to Pol. If only we had enough electricity to send data back in an efficient manner.

With the Jool probes more or less sorted for now, let's see what else needs attention:
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