Rescuing Bob Again

Well the last attempt at rescuing Bob was exciting but didn't end with Bob actually being rescued. So let's try that again.

We were going to try another attempt involving testing our Jool lander and having to do an in-orbit refueling, but that's too complex. Let's just strap the lander to our super-booster and be done with it.

Enough ΔV to get us to the Mun, cool.

The improved lander design with the higher up engines seems to work! An actual upright landing without any destroyed engines!

Bob even had enough EVA propellant to fly here and not have to walk at all. It's good he had some propellant left over as we forgot to put a ladder back on the outside of the ship when updating the design.

Managed to get back to Kerbin in one piece, even with Bob riding on the outside:

Must... resist... urge... to restart engines... while floating. Well I suppose that's what quicksaves are for.

Now that we have Bob back and the landers sort of working, maybe it's finally time to start putting together that Jool mission we've been talking about for weeks.

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