German Trip Day 6: 28 April 2010

We woke up early and had a typical German breakfast; bread, cold cuts, soft-boiled eggs, mueslix, and yougurt. Plus we had hot chocolate.

We drove to Schönau am Königssee and caught the first boat out across the Königssee which is a beautiful lake among the mountains. Here's a picture from the boat:

Part way through, one of the guides gets out and sounds the flugelhorn. Due to the sheer rock cliff, there is a strong echo. (In the old days they fired off a canon, but the lake is a national park now so they don't do that anymore):

There are multiple waterfalls that go into the lake. The first you see is Königsbachfall, but I didn't get any good pictures of that due to adverse lighting conditions. Here's Schrainbachfall which happens later:

The water is very clear. The tour boats have been electric-only since 1909 so there is not much pollution. The boats almost look like they are floating in air:

Here's a panorama at the far end of the lake:

We then took a short hike to a smaller lake a bit further back, the Obersee. Along the way we passed some beautiful blue wildflowers, Bavarian Gentian:

We also saw a giant snail:

And some hepatica flowers:

The water in the Obersee is a pretty green color:

We were the first people to the area that morning, and we scared a chamois:

I attempted to take a 360° panorama here, it was only partially successful. You'll notice two waterfalls straight ahead.

Theone on the left I can't find any name for:

The one on the right is the Röthbachfall, the highest waterfall in Germany.

First we investigated the Röthbachfall up close, then we climbed over close to the un-named waterfall:

It was a beautiful area, but we had other plans for the day. So we walked back to the Obersee. In this area in the summer they let cows graze, and you can buy fresh (raw) milk to drink [which I am sure Becky would disapprove of]. We were too early for that, and the milk bar was under construction (of course).

We caught the boat back across the Königssee. We had a good view of the St. Batholomä church that's halfway along:

There are so many pictures here, that I'll have to continue the day in a separate page.
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