The Journey Home

18 July 2007 - Wednesday
We woke up, ate breakfast, and checked out of the hostel. We went to Kings Cross station to get the money back from our Oyster cards. While at Kings Cross, Marie decided to catch the Hogwarts Express in lieu of heading back with us:
Marie Hogwarts

We stopped by the British Library and saw a lot of fascinating exhibits there. They had a Gutenberg Bible, letters from famous authors such as Jane Austen, copies of the Magna Carta, and a special exhibit on sacred texts. Sadly we couldn't stay long.

We took the train back to Gatwick, and caught Delta Flight 2 back to the US.

The flight back was uneventful, and we quickly recovered our luggage. Unfortunately poor Marie left a small bag on the plane, which proved impossible to retrieve despite her noticing it right away.

Jess's pastor was nice enough to give us a ride back from the airport as well, and once back in Ossining we crashed (it was pretty late England time).

19 July 2007 - Thursday
We woke up early, and parted ways. The separation was only temporary, as Marie met up with us in Delaware to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was neat to see the opening scenes in London, which were at places we had been only hours before.

20 July 2007 - Friday
On Friday we hung out in Maryland. We got a new guinea pig named Butterfinger [Isn't he cute? -K]:

We then went to Delaware to celebrate the 1st birthday of our friends' daughter. We got back really late.

21 July 2007 - Saturday
Saturday was the annual crab feast at my Grandmother's in McSherrystown, PA. As always it was good food and good fun. My mom, as a librarian, had first access to the new Harry Potter book, so everyone was trying to read it at once.

22 July 2007 - Sunday
And on Sunday we made the drive back to Ithaca, stopping briefly in York to visit a high school friend of Kristina's. We saw so many incredible things in England, but after so many miles of travel, it was great to be back home!
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