A Walk along the South Hill Recreation Way

In early May we took a walk on the South Hill Recreation Way. The trail is an old railbed in the south-east part of Ithaca.

It was a nice walk. We had our GPS along to look for geo-caches, but on the way out our signal wasn't accurate enough for us to find any.

At the far end was a waterfall, one of many in Ithaca that are just around and have no name:
south hill rec way waterfall

A view along the path:
Far away Kristina

You know you are on a steep hill when they suggest speed limits for bicycles:
Bicycle Speed

And there off in the distance is where I work (well, that's Rhodes Hall where I used to work. My office is in the building right next door that you can't see):
Rhodes Hall

For those who might be curious, here is the GPS map of our route:
South Hill GPS
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