Lick Brook (Yet Again)

Kristina's family was in town, on their way to Buffalo. Along for the ride was David who was in the midst of a complicated set of travels that will eventually get him back to Minnesota again.

I wasted a lot of time taking excessive pictures of all the wild flowers along the way (after all, it is a wildflower preserve). Trillium was all over, but what you get a picture of is an early-blooming Trout Lily:
Trout Lily

After taking the leisurely way down, we investigated the waterfall in the waning sunlight:
Lick Brook Waterfall

We then took the steep way back. Here is the amphitheater waterfall:
Lick Brook Waterfall

There was a cool tree covered in fungus:
Fungus tree

Once we got to the top, gathered everyone together, and found the dog (who had decided to wander off), it was then time to eat. Chinese Buffet!

Here's map of the return leg of our trip (it took until the halfway point for the GPS to get a clean signal):
Lick Brook GPS
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