John and Katy's Wedding

Memorial Day weekend my friend John got married! I was best man.

First I'm going to talk about the bachelor party which was two weeks before. It was an action-packed day, involving a co-ed group of about 10 of us all packed into a van. First we took a tour of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. This was a lot of fun, but unfortunately my camera batteries ran out so not many pictures for you. We got to visit the club level, see the broadcast booths, sit in the press box, and sit in the dugout (we weren't allowed to walk on the field).

Here's the field:
Oriole Park

Here's the Bromo Seltzer tower:
Bromo Seltzer Tower

Part of our group almost missed the tour because the Preakness parade was happening at the same time and roads were closed.

After lunch, we went to the Batting Cages.

After that, we ate dinner at Medieval Times where John was "knighted" and our being there became a bit of a running joke.

Finally we went on a Fells Point Ghost Tour. That was an interesting experience, and we had to rush the end a bit because during the last story the heavens opened and it poured rain:
Rain in Fells Point

I bailed out at this point because it was late and I had to leave early the next day, but the group continued on to midnight bowling.

Anyway, back to the wedding itself.

We drove down Friday, and in a bad way to start the weekend Susie the guinea pig succumbed to a combination of old age, the oppressive heat/humidity and the bumpy car ride. Very sad.

We went to the rehearsal dinner, and I got to see various people I haven't seen in years. The food was good but the service was a bit slow (or maybe it just seemed slow because we didn't get any food until well after 8PM). We had plenty of time to talk to everyone though.

The wedding itself was Saturday evening. Luckily it didn't rain, as the ceremony was outdoors. Here I am processing in with maid of honor Kristin:
Processing In

Here is the groomsmen lineup. For those interested, it is me, Kathleen, Gus, Bryan, Eric, Liepins

The ceremony was lovely, and was accentuated by flowers falling off the trees. It was a Jewish ceremony, so John and Katy got to break glasses at the end.

After the obligatory picture session, it was time for the reception! I was a bit nervous because I had to give a speech, but happily the one I gave was well received.

Rebekka made a lovely cake, and Kristina and I had helped deliver it to the reception. Here it is being cut:

Here is John being lifted up on a chair.
John on a Chair

And of course, we had to decorate their car...
John's car decorated

The wedding was a lot of fun, and they invited some of the out-of-town people over to their house the next day for more celebrations. We had a great time, staying late into the night, before finally dropping off our new Salt Lake City friends at the airport hotel and heading home.

Monday we spent some time with my family, had a barbecue, and then headed back to Ithaca and (slightly) cooler weather.
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