This particular weekend was beautiful, with sunny weather and temperatures in the low 70s. Kristina and I went for a walk at the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve.

Here is the bigger pond, it looked dramatic because they were draining it in order to do dam repair:
Drained Pond

The trails take you through a varied landscape. It's hard to see here in 2 dimensions, but this is a picture of a glacial kettle, formed when a big piece of ice fell off of a glacier and slowly melted:
Glacial Kettle

Milkweed was everywhere; we kept bumping into it and aggravating the bees:

Here's a route of our hike:

After that hike, we went to pick cherries!
Vince picking cherries

The next day was even prettier than the day before, with temperatures in the high 60s (on the first day of July!)

We went walking around Cornell. Here's one of the waterfalls on Cascadilla Creek:
Cascadilla Waterfall

Here's a view of Libe Slope, with Cayuga Lake visible in the distance:
Libe Slope

We stopped by the library to get a book for Kristina. This sign gives sage advice; I apologize for the blurriness:
Don't mess with the ceiling

We came across a beautiful flower garden near the A D White House:
Pretty Flowers

We continued on, and eventually ended up at the Plantations. They had a pineapple plant growing there:

And after walking much longer than we intended, we circled Bebe Lake and then returned home. Here's a map of our travels:

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