More Pictures of Me

These are pictures of me in college. Most include my ex-gf Marie. I don't get my picture taken alone very often.

My college ID picture.
Marie and I before an It's Academic Taping
I briefly had a job at school where I could play with an IndyCam. Here are some other pictures from that : con_patillas big low_resolution they're_coming facial_hair
With Marie at my grandparent's house, Christmas 1996.
This is Marie and I at ring dance in 1997. Notice I am finally free to grow sideburns.
This is Marie and I at her house. My hair is all messed up because my car was having troubles earlier.
Marie and I, late March 1998. This is before going up to Albany NY for a TMBG concert.
What I look like after I get my hair cut.
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