Things I've Learned the Hard Way

2 July 2009

The only thing worse than trying to set up automake is trying to setup docbook.
11 September 2006

No one has ever successfully deployed LDAP. It's all a mass halucination, or else some kind of scam.
9 September 2006

Never play soccer immediately after eating a large lunch against aggressive non-American players.

As a corollary, don't then go on to play 2 hours of volleyball. Especially if you haven't used your volleyball-playing muscles in over 10 years.
22 July 2006

When the recipe calls for "coarsely chopped malted milk balls", even though it might seem like a clever idea to use a nut-chopper to do this, in fact it isn't.
8 July 2006

Getting to the battery of a 1996 Chevy Lumina involves disassembling half of the engine compartment.
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