Things I've Learned as an ECE Grad Student

Weaver's Laws regarding ECE Graduate Work

  1. Never attempt to use a project developed by grad students in a way not exactly like their published results. It won't work.
  2. It is impossible to write an x86 processor simulator without abusing the C-preprocessor beyond all recognition.
  3. If you submit a paper more than 5 minutes before the submission deadline you probably aren't doing interesting work.
  4. If you've done all of the homework problems except one, the students who come to your office hours will ask you about that one question.
  5. Computer Scientists are incapable of expressing any idea without using at least one backwards or upside-down letter. And once they do they'll all claim that what they see is somehow "intuitive".
  6. All modern computer research is focused on getting a 5% increase in speed out of the 26 SPEC2000 benchmarks and nothing else.

Papers I'd Like to Write Someday:

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