The Exuberant Eighteen

At The End of Year Picnic at Mr. Chrismer's House in Bel Air

We Survived

Yes, the brave students of the Noname Nineteen (deprived of a name at a late stage in the game and so therefore will remember themselves as the Exuberant Eighteen) survived US History at JC. The exciting class was taught by Mr. James Chrismer and much was learned. DDS's, DBQ's and other acronyms will no longer haunt us. Led by braved members of the Class of '96 plus a few senior citizens, we survived. And many of us got fives.

This page is here lest we forget the long nights of reading about progressive, conservative, neo-conservative and other historians, plus Shlessinger and Grob and Billeus and other people I cannot spell.

But remember, we will always be STUDENTS of AMERICAN HISTORY.

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