How Much JC Spirit Do You Have? The JC Magazine Quiz

Have you ever wanted to know how much JC spirit you have? Just take this simple test. Write down the number of your answer to each question. When done, add up the numbers, and view the key at the end to see how you did. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR MORE QUESTIONS E-MAIL ME.
1.) How often do you visit JC?
    1.) Never
    2.) Only for special occasions (Variety Show, etc).
    3.) Only to pick up sibling or to visit girlfriend/boyfriend.
    4.) I visit every break to see my old teachers.
    5.) I am a teacher.

2.) How often do you wear your JC BlueRibbon School T-shirt? 
    (If you have one).
    1.) Never.  I burned it.
    2.) I modified it to say "Pabst Blue Ribbon School"
    3.) I only wear it to sleep in or if laundry is running low.
        (Never in public).
    4.) I wear it proudly and often.
    5.) It is the only shirt I ever wear.

3.) How often do you go to JC football games?
    1.) Never (or only when on homecoming court).
    2.) Only to the homecoming games.
    3.) I am a teacher/football player/parent of football player
    4.) I go to the games often and enjoy them.
    5.) I am an alumni, but I don't take the discount because its
        "for the school"

4.) When I hear the phrase "Tradition Pride and Excellence" I
    1.) Feel sick to my stomach
    2.) Laugh uncontrollably
    3.) Suppress a giggle.
    4.) Remember fondly my years at JC.
    5.) Stand up and put my hand over my heart.

5.) When asked where you went to high school, you say
    1.) I got a GED.
    2.) Ummm.. in harford county somewhere.
    3.) Ummmmm.. in Bel Air.
    4.) John Carroll
    5.) You give the person a twenty minute answer sprinkled with
        phrases like "blueribbon school" and "tradition, pride,

6.) When the Alumni newsletter comes you
    1.) Write RETURN TO SENDER on it and send it back, costing them money.
    2.) Throw it in the trash.
    3.) Skim it.
    4.) Read it cover to cover.
    5.) You write in telling what you've been doing since the last one
        came out.

7.) When the Aegis publishes a one-sided scavenger hunt issue,  you
    1.) Rejoice because JC is getting bad press.
    2.) You read the article and are not surprised.
    3.) You get mildly upset.
    4.) You write an irate letter to the editor.
    5.) You sneak in at night and sabotage their printing press.

8.) When you attend graduation:
    1.) I don't attend graduations.
    2.) I streak graduations.
    3.) I bring a beach ball.
    4.) I am happy for all those graduating.
    5.) Not only do I stay awake through all the speeches, but I listen
        carefully to every word said.

9.) When you visit Vince Weaver's "Unofficial JC Page" you
    1.) Find it hilarious and have it bookmarked.
    2.) Enjoy reading it now and then
    3.) Are neutral.
    4.) You find some parts of it offensive.
    5.) You flame Vince for being "Anti-JC"

(#10 Contributed by Chris Trompeter)

10.) When you get those John Carroll Visa Card Applications in the mail
     1.) Don't even bother opening it
     2.) Stare at it just knowing they wont approve you anyways
     3.) Open it, and wonder why Jc spends money on this mailer
     4.) Fill it out and hope for the best  
     5.) Call the 800 Number and BEG them for the card cause you think its
         a good way to be associated to JC.