Building for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence

Alumni! Although you never come near JC anymore, we need your money. The infrastructure of JC needs some major upgrading. We have decided that now, after you have long since graduated, is the time to start these exciting plans. We are building for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence!

New Athletic Complex

Field of Excellence
Artists Conception of Future
John Carroll has always had high standards in the field of excellence for athletics. Proposed Additions The big improvement will be the giant stadium with luxury skyboxes. How better to say you are a rich alumni than to sit in your catered, air-conditioned room and watch JC football games? Since leaving the Harford County league, JC even occasionally wins games too!

Remember, PSL and season tickets won't pay for these improvements themselves. We need YOUR help to raise the money needed to make this happen.

New Fine Arts Wing

One Fine Wing
Artists Conception of New Wing
With the influx of young freshman, there has been a heightened need for a new fine-arts wing to train all these young people in the ways of fine art. Proposed Additions

We hope you can help contribute to our marvelous new Fine Arts wing. The Rollercoaster and Waterslide will be used not only for departmental meetings, but also to raise money during the JC Fair. This wing will provide Pride and Tradition to our already overwhelming sense of Excellence at JC.

Please, send your money today!

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