My own Alumni Directory

As an alumni, I now get the nifty little newsletter, ensuring I will always know what is going on at good old 703 Churchville Road. The part I always find most interesting is the part where alumni write in and say what they are doing now. Usually its only at most one person per class, but they seem to be having a really great life. It makes me wonder what the rest of the class is doing. So I decided to make a FAKE one as a JOKE!! Do not take this seriously!! It is meant to be HUMOROUS! It in no way reflects any actual Alumni, and anything that has an element of fact is PURELY COINCIDENTAL!

Anyone wishing to make submissions, send them to me and if I like them, I will include them.

Fake JC Alumni

And these are the people who have written in to say how they are doing!
As always, if you know of anyone we've missed, just e-mail us!
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